Clico Restaurant

So yesterday hubs and I went on another little adventure exploring some more of the fine dining experiences Joburg has to offer.

We visited Clico Restaurant, a quaint little place in Rosebank on Sturdee Avenue. Once you drive through the gate though, the madness that is Rosebank stays behind and you are transported to the tranquility and elegance that is Clico.

Upon our arrival, we were welcomed and seated by our server. The 5-course lunch menu came with an optional wine pairing, so both hubby and I decided to give it a bash. Now, I’m not a big wine drinker, not a big alcohol drinker for that matter, but in the spirit of trying new things, I decided to give it a go.Clico_Menu

Our first course was marinated cucumber served with a cucumber roll and yoghurt dressing. Clico_Marinated cucumber with yoghurtNow, even though I only recently decided to start blogging about my experiences, I have been to my fair share of restaurants, and this appetiser was, well quite frankly, terrible.

The cucumber roll was literally a slice of raw cucumber rolled up, no seasoning and nothing special, and the yoghurt dressing tasted like normal greek yoghurt out of a tub. The marinated cucumber pieces were tasty and fresh, but that was just about it.

Even though we were off to a bad start, we had high hopes for the next dish. Luckily, it did not disappoint. Our second course was delicious cayenne prawns served with a pea puree and sweet chilli sauce. Clico_Cayenne prawns with a pea puree and sweet chilli sauceThe prawns were perfectly prepared (soft and succulent) and seasoned. Hubby is not a big pea fan, but loved the puree so much, he almost licked the plate. Things were starting to look up!

The next course was equally delicious and beautifully presented – salmon three ways: a smoked salmon rose, salmon mousse and seared salmon, all served with a balsamic reduction.Clico_Smoked salmon rose, salmon mousse and seared salmon with a balsamic reduction
I’ve been to quite a few restaurants that have severely overcooked my salmon; to the point where it’s so dry, I need to swallow it with water. This seared salmon however, was perfectly prepared. Succulent and moist, as it should be.

Then came our entree – seared ostrich fillet with a pumpkin puree and wild mushrooms. Clico_Seared ostrich fillet with a pumpkin puree and wild mushroomsNow, as with the bad duck experience I mentioned in the Level Four blog, hubby and I had an equally bad experience when we tasted ostrich the first time round. It was overly done and had this terrible steel-like aftertaste. We were excited however to taste this course, in the hopes that our dislike of ostrich would be turned into like. It is, after all, a very healthy, lean meat.

And so it did. The ostrich was medium-rare, well-seasoned and there wasn’t even the slightest hint of any steel. The pumpkin puree was smooth and creamy, and the pungent taste of the wild mushrooms stood up well against the strong ostrich flavour.

We completed our meal at Clico with a chocolate torte served with homemade hazelnut ice cream and fresh strawberries. Clico_Chocolate torte with homemade hazelnut ice cream and fresh strawberriesLucky for me, hubby hates nuts, so I got his ice cream too, and man was it delicious. Creamy, nutty heaven! The chocolate torte was a tad dry, but all together the dessert wasn’t half bad.

I give Clico 3 noms out of 5.

Have you ever dined at Clico Restaurant? Did you enjoy it?


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